Forest Area

Wentwood House Day Nursery is proud to announce that as of Spring 2015, our Forest Area has been open for the children of Wentwood and Heath House Day Nursery to use. More recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we used the downtime to overhaul the Forest Area and delve deeper into the endless possibilities of the rugged space and resources. The end result? A lorryload of bespoke and handmade Forest Area resources that were crafted using local solid oak and we couldn’t be happier!

But what is a Forest Area?

A Forest Area is a large open space of woodland area, complete with trees, log stump seating area, make believe camp site, den areas, bird houses, twigs, leaves and plenty of insects and natural habitation. Based on the Scandinavian concept of ‘Forest Schools’, Forest Areas and forest activities are seen as a positive way to introduce children to the outdoors and to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and secure atmosphere. Not only this, through long term and regular visits, Forest Area activities can teach children how to manage risks, use their initiative and learn the basics of co-operating with peers. Furthermore, there is nothing better than letting the children get back to nature and run free and explore with fresh air and never ending possibilities for discovery and imaginative play.

How does it benefit my child?

Thanks to resources such as all weather chalk boards, carved letter disks, building blocks, transparent easels and woodland trail, your child’s learning can be brought outdoors and be delivered to them in a way that takes into account their preferred learning style and the ability to learn through play. Whether its using the ‘state of the art’ mud kitchen to make a mud pie or herbal tea and master shape, space and measure, looking at the shape of a wiggly worm to learn letters and phonics or a wobbly woodland trail to master balance and gross motor skills- the Forest Area has it all.

Wentwood House is delighted to be able to offer such an exciting and innovative approach to teaching and learning and is especially lucky to be one of the few Nurseries in the area that has this facility to offer. More pictures of our wonderful Forest Area can be found on our Gallery Page.

What Activities Happen in a Forest Area?

The scope and variety of activities that can be done in the Forest Area are endless! From themed sessions to den making, story time around the camp site to making bird feed balls or using the mud kitchen, visiting the bug hotel or doing some nature investigating with magnifying glasses, the outdoor environment provides the perfect place for imaginations to run wild and child led activities to occur. Small groups with high staff ratios ensure that the children’s needs are met and that safety is a number one priority.


Other Activities:

  • Learning about the seasons
  • Environmental Art
  • learning about the seasons
  • Teaching the children about managing risk and understanding health and safety checks
  • Bird watching
  • Songs around the fire pit
  • Outdoor snack times
  • Going on a bear hunt
  • Teddy bears picnic
  • Making potions from ‘Room on the Broom’
  • Games